Ekrem Utku

Ekrem was born in Istanbul in 1969. He graduated from Lycée Galatasaray and won a BA degree in International Relations from the Political Sciences Faculty of Ankara University. Ekrem’s professional life started as a career diplomat in Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs after he was ranked first in entry exams in 1994.

Following various missions in Brussels, Vienna and Salzburg he continued his career as a senior manager in international sales and marketing fields in automotive and household appliances sectors for 7 years.

Ekrem started to work in 2003 as the Secretary General of BMD, the leading non-governmental retail association of Turkey. He managed the transformation of BMD into an internationally recognized, leading sectoral organization of Turkish retail, which includes 440 well-known Turkish and international brands with a sales volume of 47 billion USD in 2017.

After having represented Turkish retail industry and Turkish brands in the international arena for many years he continues now his career in London with his 30 years of knowledge and experience in diplomacy, international trade and international retail. Ekrem provides consultancy services to Turkish brands that carry out global activities, to international investors, project developers, international funds and retail brands looking for the investment opportunities in Turkey.

As a native of Turkey, Ekrem has an in-depth knowledge of local Turkish political and social issues and trade culture. He gained invaluable experience and knowledge during his years in government service and in private trade and business environment. In his professional background, one can see the business achievements arising from the combination of diplomacy and business.

Ekrem has partnerships with international retail conferences and congresses held in London, Dubai, Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York and he takes part in national and international events as a speaker, panelist and moderator.