About Us

In a world bursting with noise, where politics and policies dance a delicate ballet, SAS isn’t just another public affairs firm. We’re your boutique beacon of clarity, expertly illuminating the path between companies and the ever-evolving realms of politics, policy, regulation, and communication. Rooted in the US but branching out with strategic footprints in Washington, DC, Istanbul, and London, we’ve cultivated an exceptional global alliance that magnifies our impact and your voice.

Founded in 2010 by the visionary Hakan Akbaş — a maestro with over a quarter-century of seasoned expertise who once spearheaded strategy for the €15 billion juggernaut, Sabancı Holding —SAS was birthed from a desire to channel vast experience into empowering fresh ventures.

At SAS, we’re not just consultants. We’re your strategic partners in dialogue, curating nuanced engagements with public stakeholders, with a pronounced emphasis on bridging you with governments.

Our mission? To steer you through opportunities and minefields alike, crafting resonant messages and bold value propositions. Our 360° approach considers every angle, every stakeholder, every media touchpoint, and every policy nuance, ensuring you’re not just ready for the challenge, but primed for triumph. Dive in and redefine success with SAS.